Bridal Cottage

Our Bridal Cottage is a perfect escape for the bride and her bridemaids to do final touches, relax, and hide away before the ceremony!


Our Saloon is an outdoor covered area with endless possibilities, including optional food and drink area, or used as an additional party/dance area!

Groomsmen Hideout

Our Groomsmen Hideout is an awesome place for the groom and his groomsmen to hang out, have a drink, and relax before the ceremony!


Experience the beauty of an outdoor ceremony with a backdrop of Mt. Emily or a view of the entire valley, take your pick!


Capture the amazement of utilizing both indoor and outdoor spaces while spreading out your guests!


Enjoy the intimacy of an indoor ceremony with the gorgeous interior of the barn, it's grand chandelier, and enough space to dance! 



Graduation Parties

Celebrate your graduation at this beautiful place!

Birthdays, Anniversaries, or any celebration 
Family Reunions

Have your fun family reunion at this spacious venue!

All We Offer !!

We've made an all inclusive package for your wedding to make it as simple and  stress free as possible for you special day. This includes Friday for setup and rehearsal, starting at noon,  ceremony Saturday, and Sunday until noon for cleanup.  The following is a list of everything we offer included in the package.

  ~   100  white chairs

  ~    10     6ft round tables

  ~    22     5ft. rectangle tables

  ~    20    6ft. rectangle tables

  ~    40    5ft.  benches

  ~    6 bistro tables

  ~    6 wine barrels

  ~    2  ceremonial platforms (diff sizes)

  ~    4 white pillars

  ~     2 rustic food tables

  ~    Wine barrel bar

  ~    Wine barrel waste basket

   ~    1 antique cake table

   ~    50 wood rounds

   ~    2 porta potties

   ~    4  10x10 pop up tents

   ~    Beverage bars

   ~    Additional decorating supplies including mason jars, paper lanterns, signs, and many antiques

   ~    Rotisserie Barbeque

   ~    Fire pit, just bring wood!


Additionally, we offer dry camping, trailers or tents, $30 per night.